Group Admins Rules

Group Admins Rules

Reading through a bunch of rules is never fun but, as a Core group admin you will benefit greatly from knowing these rules like the back of your hand.
I want you to get your group properly setup and thriving.

Hey everyone!
We’re getting ready to open doors and there are a few things that I need you to take care of from your side please.
Details in here:
It’s more than incredible to have you all on board!
By coming together we’re already making history in the space and if we all give this a massive push from Feb 4th (you know I will ?), this will quickly become the new standard and we’re all gonna enjoy the rewards.
Let’s do live broadcasts on your existing communities to showcase the platform, talk about your groups and why this all makes so much sense!
I would love to take part and join the showcases, but this is a great opportunity for you guys to go on each other’s channels and talk about each others’ activities and groups.
Let me know what you think – Any feedback and suggestions are invited at this early stage! ❤?

Launch Date: Feb 4th 2020

Please keep all mentions of the platform and finish setting up your group until then.

Groups have tremendous power on the platform, you should almost see it as a lead generating machine. Every new user who is put into your group has been asked some questions to segment them into the right place.

Take advantage of this by providing value to them by actively maintaining your group and promoting your services as a professional in WordPress.

Group Admin First To-Dos

  1. Provide a description for the group that lets users know what to expect from its activity.
  2. Upload a cover image. This cover image is your prime real estate to promote your group and your services, so make it look good! (check out an example here. The size should be 1300px by 225px or larger)
  3. Add 3 of the most frequently asked questions about your topic to the QA section.

Core Groups Admin Don’ts

  1. Do not change the profile image of the group.
  2. Do not change the name of the group. If you’d like to change the name, make sure you ask first as we have functionality tied up in this for the Core Groups.

Group Admin Regular To-Dos

  1. Regularly check your group’s activity feed to ensure that the group is active.
  2. If your group isn’t as active as you’d like, post relevant content your group’s users could benefit from or to make them feel inclined to interact with.
  3. Regularly check other groups to see if you can recommend other users to your own based on their activity.
  4. Actively join relevant groups to you and interact when you have a chance.

How to promote the community and group

  1. I would love to be on your podcasts or do a live broadcast to your audience. If you are up for it, please let me know.
  2. Post on all your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), letting them know about the community and your group.
  3. Create an email that will send out to your subscribers telling them about the community and why they should join.
  4. We are currently working on a landing page that will be generated for you, where you can get people to sign up (the landing page will be ready by the time your social posts and emails should be going out, I’ll let you know when).
  5. Your account will be tagged when users sign up using your page and in future rewards will be attributed to this.
  6. This is a great opportunity for you to network with others who are in the industry. Go on each other’s podcasts, talk about your group and what you have to offer. 
  7. Start your group’s activity with an introductory message (Oliver did a great job on his one here).
  8. Join other groups you think you’d be able to bring something to or whatever you are interested in.

Group Admin Rules for you and your group members

  1. English should be the only language used. That applies to anything shared with the group, especially external links.
  2. External links can be posted, as long as the content is relevant to the group and brings some value to its members.
  3. Affiliate links are allowed but within reason. If a group admin or a member wants to promote their affiliate link, they must be completely open about it and have a disclaimer in their post on the group that it is an affiliate link.
  4. There should be no affiliate links that are not relevant to the group they’re being posted in and you must outline the following:
    1. Why are you posting this product in the particular group?
    2. What kind of benefit will it bring if people buy it?
    3. Your personal experience using the product and how it benefits you.
  5. Cross posting is prohibited entirely (same post on multiple groups). If you post in a group (and it’s relevant to that group), even if it is relevant in another, you cannot post it anywhere else.
  6. Spam is unallowed entirely, and this is left up to the discretion of the group admin. If you feel a user is spamming:
    1. Private message them and make them aware that you think they’re spamming.
    2. If they continue to do so, remove them from the group.
    3. If you see they continue to spam in other groups, flag their account for a ban.
  7. The following behaviors are expected and requested of all community members (including group admins):
    1. Participate in an authentic and active way. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community.
    2. Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
    3. Attempt collaboration before conflict.
    4. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.
  8. Group members questions should always be directly related to the group they are posting in. Give a simple warning if you notice a member doing the opposite.
  9. We do not permit any promotion or condone illegal/cracked/hacked/nulled/pirated (or variations of) software or debating about pirated stuff possible“benefits”. 
  10. We strongly encourage you to legally purchase software or donate to the developers. 
  11. There will be zero tolerance for any form of bullying anybody whatsoever: we understand that people disagree on occasion, but we won’t tolerate members disrespecting each other. No personal attacks, no “lmgtfy” responses, no irony/sarcasm. If you don’t like something, ignore it! Avoid peacocking and keep your ego in check. No antagonists or “haters” are allowed. Avoid making negative comments about someone’s grammatical or spelling errors. It is frowned upon and may subject you to being temporarily muted or banned without warning. 

    If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, You Really Should Say Nothing

Any feedback, suggestions, concerns or ideas?

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